The Wolfclaw CNC machine

It took me a considerable effort, but it is finally finished ... the Wolfclaw CNC machine. The table was bought as a self designed kit of standard aluminium profiles, but the rest of the parts were all custom made, drilled and screwed together. I initially also created the control PCB that connects the steppers and the end stops to the computer, but in the end decided to go for the safer option of buying a commercial board. This is because my own board showed some bugs and proved not completely reliable. Probably because I used some very old parts in it, which may have had oxidized pins that did not make a good connection. After a night of testing and frustration that cost me a few grey hairs, i was fed up and decided to buy a working board.

I still have to align the machine, but first tests have shown that the deviation of alignment is only 0.5 mm! Considering the 'amateuristic' way in which I created the machine, this is not a bad first value. Half a mil is something that can easily be corrected with a few shims.

The control electronics of Wolfclaw

The machine consists of 3 NEMA 23 stepper motors with a 3 Nm torque. I chose to have a double axis to mount hand wheels at a later stage. The steppers are controlled by Leadshine DM556 controllers. Power is provided by a 36V / 8.8A supply and all components are mounted on a 4 mm aluminum plate. I also installed three 60 mm computer fans that I connected in series to be able to use the 36V power supply to feed them. The connection with my PC is made via the parallel port with a CNC4PC C50 board. I use LinuxCNC to send G-code files to the router. I also mounted end stops and made an emergency stop button.

And yes, I promised to also upload the drawings. I will but I have to do some minor corrections before I do.