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The machines and instruments I made, restored or revised for my Makerspace. Not all equipment will still be active, some of them were dismantled and their parts were used in other projects.

Huvema HU650A – The new lathe

In my spare time, I tutor high school kids. I help them with maths, physics and chemistry. I thoroughly enjoy it, because I like to teach and love to see the confidence in people grow as they better grasp the… Continue Reading →

LAYZOR – 40 W CO2 Laser Cutter

Though the LUPO laser engraver was a fun build, it’s applicability for cutting was limited to paper and cardboard due to the fact that it only contains a 3.5W blue laser. So I decided to buy one of those infamous… Continue Reading →

KOLIBRI – PCB engraver

This is my PCB engraver. I built it out of rest pieces of acrylic and some linear rails I had lying around. The control system is an Arduino with a CNC Shield running GRBL, which is the finest piece of… Continue Reading →

LUPO – Laser Engraver

Lupo is my first laser cutter/engraver utilizing a blue 3.5W laser and a GRBL control board.


Wolfclaw is a CNC machine I have constructed myself.

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