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Here, you’ll find my projects with electronics, such as Arduino, Raspberry PI and ESP32.

Huize Geers – custom items

In the recent years, I’ve made quite a lot of things for the family business that is run by my brother. The business has existed since 1936 and my brother is the fourth generation owner. Although I was never going… Continue Reading →

Gifts for friends and loved ones

One of the nicest aspects of being a Maker is that you can make customised gifts for friends and family. For instance, you can give a laser engraved cheese board instead of the same old bottle of wine or bunch… Continue Reading →

KOLIBRI – PCB engraver

This is my PCB engraver. I built it out of rest pieces of acrylic and some linear rails I had lying around. The control system is an Arduino with a CNC Shield running GRBL, which is the finest piece of… Continue Reading →

AW2 – Revamp of the AW-meter

Updated version of the AW-meter with DHT22 as humidity sensor and a Python user interface.

BB-8 – The rolling bot

A recreation of BB-8, the cute droid from Star Wars The Force Awakens.

ANTONIUS – Nixie Tube Clock

A clock made from old Nixie tubes with a 555 booster driver controlled by an ATMEGA8535. PCB and firmware dowloadable.

AW – Water Activity Meter

A simple water activity meter to test the content of free moisture of foodstuffs. Menu structure, PCB and firmware dowloadable.

THERMO – Thermostatic bath control

This is a control unit for a Haake thermostatic bath built around an Arduino Pro Mini. Downloads of the PCB design and the firmware are available.

DISCO – Mini Disco Lightshow

A wedding present for my best friend, a miniaturised disco lights installation with IR remote. PCBs and firmware downloadable.

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