Though the LUPO laser engraver was a fun build, it’s applicability for cutting was limited to paper and cardboard due to the fact that it only contains a 3.5W blue laser. So I decided to buy one of those infamous K40 laser cutters from China. Bad idea, should have just bought the laser tube.

Luckily, Frederik “Frederico” Derijckere of Man Made Mayhem ( created LAYZOR, a refurbished K40 laser cutter. Or actually, a completely new design of a laser cutter with parts harvested off a K40. ‘Refurbished’ doesn’t do the man justice. LAYZOR is a very nicely designed machine with a working area of roughly 600 by 400 mm and slots at the front and the back, so you can work with pieces that are bigger than the machine.

Frederico sells the complete plans to his build on his website for €20 and I will tell you they’re worth every euro. Very nice 3D drawings with stepwise instructions and a complete bill of materials. Below I posted a picture gallery of my build process.