Here it is, my new site! Actually I’ve been planning to do this a long time ago, but somehow never got to it. The current social situation was a good excuse to finally take the plunge. Well … eh, that and the fact that I got sick of all the crap that my old site threw at me. Updates could not be done anymore, I needed to transfer file by file via FTP and then it still kept bugging me with mails I had to update … ahhh! And another spam mail from Russia. As I’ve discovered, Joomla sucks. I added it to my shit-list, right below M$ and we’re moving on.

Anyway, welcome to my new site. I’ve taken some time to add a few articles about old projects I’d done, to make the site a bit more complete and a better reflection of the things I’ve done in the last few years. And going out on a limb: I want to update the site regularly with new projects, info, and ideas. Hope you enjoy. I am considering adding comment sections, but I need to first see how I can prevent hijacking and spamming.