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LAYZOR – 40 W CO2 Laser Cutter

Though the LUPO laser engraver was a fun build, it’s applicability for cutting was limited to paper and cardboard due to the fact that it only contains a 3.5W blue laser. So I decided to buy one of those infamous… Continue Reading →

Gifts for friends and loved ones

One of the nicest aspects of being a Maker is that you can make customised gifts for friends and family. For instance, you can give a laser engraved cheese board instead of the same old bottle of wine or bunch… Continue Reading →

EC – Electrochemistry demo unit

I got an assignment of my company to create a sort of ‘artist impression’ in three dimensions of what an electrochemical plant would look like. It is used for use in booths at trade fairs and conferences. I really enjoyed… Continue Reading →

DHZ BOX – a present

A personalised gift that I CNC machined and laser engraved for one of the students I’ve tutored.

LUPO – Laser Engraver

Lupo is my first laser cutter/engraver utilizing a blue 3.5W laser and a GRBL control board.


Wolfclaw is a CNC machine I have constructed myself.

CNC big scale … finally!

Gosh, already a year ago since my last project on CNC… Okay, that was a nice first step. In the mean time, I’ve also constructed a machine from OpenBeam profile, that was a nice excercise too. All fun and games,… Continue Reading →

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