Gosh, already a year ago since my last project on CNC… Okay, that was a nice first step. In the mean time, I’ve also constructed a machine from OpenBeam profile, that was a nice excercise too. All fun and games, but I was still hampered in the size of the projects I could do. I now have a Proxxon conversion that can mill aluminium, but the things I can make are quite small (about 140x50x50 mm). My OpenBeam machine does 160x140x30 mm, but that is not rigid enough for aluminium, let alone polycarbonate. Engraving is OK, but milling gives problems.

But now I bit the bullet and bought the hardware for a serious scale machine, one that does 600x400x120 mm and is capable of milling aluminium and other non ferro metals, wood, plastics, etc. I even plan to do some PCB engraving to see how that goes. And the best thing is: I will make the design available for download on this site under a Creative Commons license. After all, most of the information on the development and construction of the machine came of the internet. I’m returning the favour. More to come soon!

The OpenBeam predecessor of the big scale machine.