My new website is live! For years I have tinkered with electronics, retrieving all the information I needed from the internet. Now it is time I did something back. I hope my sources of inspiration and information will also be inspired by my contributions to the community.

On this site, you will find articles about some of the projects I did over the last years. I offer explanations about the working principle of each project and downloads of all the necessary files, like schematics, PCB designs and firmware. I mostly work with 8-bit AVR micro-controllers and Arduino, so all firmware is written in AVR-GCC and Arduino C++ and contains a lot of comments which makes it easily readable. Soon I will also place some tutorials to help people that struggle with the same problems I’ve struggled with.

Recently, I also took up 3D printing to create enclosures and mechanical things for my electronics projects. In the near future I will also add some tutorials on 3D design and printing on this site. For now, you can check out my Thingiverse pages for more information.

I hope you enjoy.