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BB-8 – The rolling bot

A recreation of BB-8, the cute droid from Star Wars The Force Awakens.

DHZ BOX – a present

A personalised gift that I CNC machined and laser engraved for one of the students I’ve tutored.

LUPO – Laser Engraver

Lupo is my first laser cutter/engraver utilizing a blue 3.5W laser and a GRBL control board.


Wolfclaw is a CNC machine I have constructed myself.

CNC big scale … finally!

Gosh, already a year ago since my last project on CNC… Okay, that was a nice first step. In the mean time, I’ve also constructed a machine from OpenBeam profile, that was a nice excercise too. All fun and games,… Continue Reading →

Look ma, no hands!

It has been a wish for years, I already had all components in stock, and now I finally did it. I made a CNC control system for my Proxxon FF230 hobby mill. I finally got sick of having to use… Continue Reading →

MINI ME – A joke that succeeded

A smaller (and thinner) version of me, with a 3D printed scan of my actual head.

Long time …

It’s been a while since my last update to the site. Time stood still on the electronics front lately, as I have been working on another two passions of mine, 3D printing and tutoring young people in the exact sciences…. Continue Reading →

ANTONIUS – Nixie Tube Clock

A clock made from old Nixie tubes with a 555 booster driver controlled by an ATMEGA8535. PCB and firmware dowloadable.

AW – Water Activity Meter

A simple water activity meter to test the content of free moisture of foodstuffs. Menu structure, PCB and firmware dowloadable.

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