It’s been a while since my last update to the site. Time stood still on the electronics front lately, as I have been working on another two passions of mine, 3D printing and tutoring young people in the exact sciences. I just finished a new design in which I combined both passions, I printed a set of atoms to build models of molecules for chemistry classes. It’s often hard to study molecular formulae on paper, especially when you deal with stereo isomers. So being able to build stuff in three dimensions will help you understand things much faster.

Now, I can already hear the criticizers say: “You can buy these, why make them?”. Yes, you can buy sets of these atoms and bonds in any store specialized in scientific education. You pay 50 EUR for an insanely incomplete set, and a complete one will set you back about 150 EUR. I printed a more than complete set for less than 5 EUR. The box was more expensive than the plastic to print my atoms. Have a check on my Thingiverse site.

Some molecules that can be created with the basis set.